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Dr Nicki Spies

Engage | Transform | Prosper
Dr Nicki Spies, owner of Spies Consulting, offers business coaching and counselling
My Story

Everything began with storytelling…

I grew up in the Northern Cape, close to the Kalahari. This area has a culture of storytelling and from a very young age I experienced the power of stories. In the vast open planes of the Kalahari and isolating red sand dunes, stories connected people. Stories, just like the Orange River, enable life, change and progress.

Since the beginning of time, people have connected to themselves, others and their environment through stories. Stories are the journeys through which we reflect on our lives in order to create meaning.

Let’s Meet

Dr Nicki


Danie Bezuidenhout (LLB)

Managing Director
Labour Excel

Dr. Nicki Spies is brilliant and has been a tremendous asset to our business. As an advisory company, she has helped myself and my team to identify a number of our own blind-spots and is proof that everyone can benefit from having a coach.

Kim Spyron

Oooh Interiors

The road with Dr Nicki Spies in my business coaching has shown measurable results, affecting the bottom line directly as well as the less measurable entities of my career and daily being. Her unique ability to recognize subtleties and verbally connect the dots in a way that is relevant and in context, is a bullet proof value proposition. She combines her formal guidance with a trained ear and a very personable strength that is very much a heroic effort and endearing experience in my opinion.
Well worth the investment.

Adéle Groenewald

Equals Maths & Science Tuition

Nicki has been my life coach and now business coach since 2012. From the challenging-teenager-days to the empty-nest and aging-parents days, until I started my own business in 2016. Nicki always helps to put the problems I face into a different perspective and helps me find solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Nicki was instrumental in clearing my mind to make a significant career change from being a geophysicist and asset manager in the oil and gas industry, to starting my own practice, doing private tuition in Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Whilst I will always treasure my years in the Industry, I will never regret the change that I made when I was ready for it. Living my passion, doing really meaningful work and making a difference in so many lives is the greatest privilege.

Nicki has taught me techniques that go far beyond teaching Maths and Science. Through the work I have done with Nicki, I have been able to teach my students in a totally revolutionary way. My students now understand their own mind-body interactions and how these can impact their performance in these really difficult subjects.

Nicki has taught me how to rewrite my own story, and even without consciously mentioning it to my students, I can immediately see when they have rewritten their stories – stories about their own ability, their passion for their studies; stories about how valuable they actually are as individuals.

I also use story-telling to bring home seemingly difficult concepts on how to live life as a Maths and Science student in a challenging and highly competitive environment.

Nicki taught me how to set financial goals for my practice, and a host of other practical advice.

I can recommend Nicki as a business coach for any business, from large corporations to smaller firms.

Nicki is a highly qualified narrative therapist and business coach. Her knowledge of interpersonal relationships, of what makes us tick as humans, her professionalism and her empathy integrates into a package that will be very difficult to find in any one individual.

This is my five star recommendation for Dr. Nicki Spies.

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Ruan Meyer

Financial Advisor

Dr. Spies is truly a great business development coach. I love the accountability and focus gained by allowing her to do her job while I do mine. The attention to detail and understanding is something I have not experienced before when talking to business coaches and motivational speakers. The narrative practitioner side allows for a great balance between personal growth for business achievement. If you or your business want to reach the next level, I fully recommend her.

Vandy Fourie

Manager | Audit

Dr Nicki facilitated a workshop for our managers as we have identified that there is a lack of certain soft skills and management skills. All the managers expressed that this was the best and most useful training they have ever attended. For me to learn about the different stress management styles was very helpful and I have implemented it with great success. The Respect effect (Neuro-leadership) and the effect it has on productivity was very helpful and opened up my eyes to new possibilities with my teams.
Learning about the different appreciation styles and also seeing my peers in a different light and how to appreciate them. The skills we learned about is not only applicable at work but can also be used in one’s personal life.

Chantel Botha


Nicki is a pleasure to work with. She supports the development of both our personal and career goals.

She practices radical candour with great compassion for the human heart, while challenging us to explore blind spots.

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