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A Little About


My Story

I grew up in the
Northern Cape,

Close to the Kalahari. This area has a culture of storytelling and from a very young age I experienced the power of stories. In the vast open planes of the Kalahari and isolating red sand dunes, stories connected people. Stories, just like the Orange River, enable life, change and progress. Since the beginning of time, people have connected to themselves, others and their environment through stories. Stories are the journeys through which we reflect on our lives in order to create meaning.

When I was introduced to Narrative Therapy in 2004, it was like a homecoming and it became the core of my practice. I believe that the stories within people’s lives matter – as do the stories within corporates (which are, after all, collections of people). I use my skills as counselor, facilitator, trainer, coach and researcher to create space for individuals and teams to explore how they engage and relate to their personal and working environment and to re-author their stories. My curiosity and awareness of power relations coupled with my deep appreciation of context and local knowledge, frames my facilitation style.

About Spies Consulting
How we met

I am in the business
of helping people…

I am in the business of helping people in their private and professional lives. In so doing, I believe that the way people relate to one another is of great importance. This is one of my key areas of focus.

I ask the questions no-one else asks and I believe that diversity is a strength which should be embraced and nurtured in order to create co-versity.