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Havisham Park

Public Speaking

Sexuality being the focus of my work prior to my coaching career, I often do talks on sexuality and relationships. My presentation style is easy-going and I invite audience participation. Talks on sexuality and sensuality are about the constructions we have about sex, gender roles, body-image and body-relationship and how we can engage in happier and healthier ways with ourselves and others.

Dr Nicki Spies provides public speaking services including corporate presentations
Corporate Talks

Corporate Presentations

My corporate presentations are focused on employee engagement, effective leadership and how to become a team leader instead of a manager. Some of my popular requested workshops and talks are: work-life balance, positive self-care and how to engage with millennials.

All my corporate talks and public speaking services are offered in various formats, from one-hour talks, to half day or full day workshops. I can customize the time and content to accommodate the client’s needs and context.

How we make Meaning of Sex

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