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Spies Consulting

NBI® Brain Profiling

Every person is born with thinking preferences. In other words, we default to specific quadrants of the brain, which in turn engages specific functions. As a qualified Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI®) practitioner, I am able to help clients understand what their thinking preferences are and how that influences not only their professional and interpersonal engagements, but every aspect of their lives.

Knowing which quadrant/s one prefers is step one of the offering, with the next step being whole-brain thinking training. Whole-brain thinking shows one how to engage the less preferred quadrants of the brain, enabling one to engage more comprehensively and effectively. Whole-brain thinking will empower you in your professional and personal life and give you a valuable advantage.

“The Neethling Brain Instruments are based on 30 years of extensive international research on left and right-brain functions.”

In 2019 Forbes awarded The Neethling Brain Instruments as one of the top ten brain profiling instruments in the world.

The NBI® battery consists of more than 30 diagnostic surveys that can support you in your personal, professional and sporting life.

Spies Consulting does NBI® Brain Profiling for understanding thinking preferences
Spies Consulting

NBI® for Businesses

Understanding both your and your team’s brain profiles will help resolve unhelpful interaction, conflict and support greater understanding and well-being, enabling individuals and teams to thrive.

The Business offering includes:

  • NBI® General Adult
  • NBI® Skills
  • NBI® Job
  • NBI® Personal Negativity
  • NBI® 360-Degree
  • NBI® Leadership Style
  • NBI® Creativity Style
  • NBI® Innovator

NBI® for Personal and Relational Applications:

  • NBI® Desired Job
  • NBI® Learning Style
  • NBI® Parenting Style
  • NBI® Creativity Style
  • NBI® Relationship Style
  • NBI® Wealth
  • NBI® Driving
  • NBI® Innovator
  • NBI® Eating Habits

How Is It Administered?

All profiles are completed online, with the exception of the NBI® Picture profiles, which includes the NBI® Adult P, NBI® Student P and NBI® Young Child Indicator.

The NBI® profile offering includes a full-colour profile of your personal profile/s completed, as well as an in-depth feedback session and whole-brain training and application.